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We fund work which:

Supports organisations to understand how their objectives can be achieved through use of the law or human rights based approaches. We have provided funding to develop, replicate and scale up successful training courses or online resources, to support management time to consider how to change systems and culture to use these tools, and to provide additional capacity for existing collaborations.

Read case study: Citizens Advice Plymouth

Creates new capacity for work that addresses specific discrimination or disadvantage and links the skills of ‘non-legal’ and ‘legal’ organisations to enhance and complement campaigns of social change. We have given grants to organisations, for example, to use human rights in campaigning, to challenge local or national government practice, and to identify and pursue opportunities for strategic legal initiatives to change law and policy.

Read case study: CAJ, Northern Ireland

Read case study: Clan Childlaw, Scotland

Develops the evidence base for legal action and human rights based approaches. For example, we have recently commissioned a Learning Partner, to support the development of a research programme which will increase understanding of how civil society can use law and human rights based approaches most effectively.