After You Are Two

Based on visits to a wide range of projects funded by the Baring Foundation, our Arts Adviser Kate Organ has in this publication sought to distil what is important in working with older people and the significance it has for an artist’s own practice. She asks: is the process as important as the product? What is the relationship of reminiscence and life story work to arts in older age? What role does participatory arts with older people have in the wider public realm? Who is in control – the artist or the participant? Is it useful to think of a field of practice that specialises in Arts and Older People?
Hard copies are available free of charge from the Baring Foundation’s office.

The Legal Problems and Mental Health Needs of Youth Advice Service Users: The Case for Advice

The Baring Foundation has supported Youth Access to produce this publication and briefing note by Dr Nigel J Balmer and Professor Pascoe Pleasence. They report on a research study on the mental health benefits and cost-effectiveness of youth advice services. Briefing note:  Youth Advice: a mental health intervention?

Supporting Civil Society in Africa -Key messages

A new publication from INTRAC. The Baring Foundation’s international development grants programme supports civil society organisations to help displaced people in Africa. In October we hosted a seminar for foundations and operational charities. This new discussion paper draws on presentations to that meeting and materials from INTRAC.


Tackling Loneliness in Older Age – The Role of the Arts

The Baring Foundation has joined forces with the Campaign to End Loneliness in this publication by David Cutler. It uses case studies from many arts projects funded by the Foundation and is accompanied by an essay on the power of the arts to break down isolation and a series of resources to help those starting new work. Hard copies are available free of charge from the Baring Foundation’s office.


Winter Fires: Art and agency in old age

This book by Francois Matarasso examines creativity in old age, its implications for our lives and for our culture. It draws on interviews with older artists, many of whom are supported by projects funded by the Baring Foundation. This is part of the ‘regular marvel’ series of publications by Francois Matarasso, one of the UK’s leading cultural commentators and thinkers. More about regular marvels can be found at

A new age. An examination of the changing state of health funding for arts activity with, by and for older people in England.

This paper from the London Arts in Health Forum has been commissioned by the Baring Foundation. Using a series of case studies and including a report of a roundtable discussion at the Foundation, it looks at the opportunities and dangers presented by the unprecedented changes in the NHS for arts with older people.


Interculturalism: a handbook for promoting action

This latest publication, by Joy Warmington, from brap (Birmingham Race Action Partnership) is the product of a grant by the Baring Foundation to generate lessons from our recent Special Initiative on Interculturality. It is intended as a handbook for facilitators both for work with grassroots communities and to help to shape policy.

Learning from international development grant-making: a review of the Baring and John Ellerman Foundations’ programme

Report by Tina Wallace. The Baring Foundation has been funding African NGOs to work with UK partners for over a decade to support people suffering from forced displacement. Latterly this programme has been run jointly with the John Ellerman Foundation. One of the Baring Foundation’s Advisers, Tina Wallace, has interviewed representatives of UK and African grantees and other stakeholders to consider what can be learnt from the style of grant-making employed by the foundations.

Digital Arts and Older People. What is distinctive about working with older people using creative technology?

Report by Joe Randall. A roundtable discussion by artists was held at the Baring Foundation in September on this important and fast developing topic.

Older People and the Arts: a mid term programme review

The Baring Foundation is half way through its initial five year programme of work to support arts and older people. We commissioned independent arts consultant Francois Matarasso to consider how far we have travelled and priorities for the future.