A meeting of the Core Costs Club on the Compact

 Note of a meeting on the Compact held on 8th March 2006.


Filling Gaps and Making Spaces

This report, edited by Dr. John Twig, brings together a collection of nine essays on projects funded by the Baring Foundation in sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America since 2000. They all capacity build local voluntary organisations supporting refugees and internally displaced people. The Foundation’s international adviser, John Twigg, considers the implications of this body of experience for other funders and for the British Government.

Small Arts Grants 1997-2004: An Overview

Report by Phyllida Shaw.
Over this period the Baring Foundation received 3,328 eligible applications and awarded 535 grants worth £1.75 million. Most grants were around £5,000. The Foundation’s Arts Adviser (1997 – 2007) analyses these applications, trends over time and puts them in context of changes in wider arts funding policy.

Sources of Funding for Organisational Development

This resource was written by Marketa Dolezel a Visiting Fellow to the Foundation from the Czech Republic. Readers should be aware that information on funding dates quickly and should check this carefully with the relevant funder.

Support for Diaspora Organisations in London Following the Asian Tsunami

A small scale piece of research on the experience of 21 mainly London based organisations after the tsunami on Boxing Day 2004. These groups provided money and other forms of support to the victims. The report by Ellie Robinson looks how these organisations could be better supported by other funders.


The Grantmaking Tango: Issues for Funders

This book by Julia Unwin asks ‘what sort of funder do you want to be?’ It goes on to give a simple framework for grant makers of giving, shopping and investing, as styles of funding. It is based on over ten years experience in the field by the author and has become an indispensable guide to reflective trusts and foundations. Funded by the Abbey Charitable Trust, Bridge House Trust, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Lloyds TSB Foundations and the Baring Foundation.


Speaking Truth to Power (2004)

This paper by Julia Unwin looks back to the experience of the third sector in the first term of the Labour Government. It draws attention to measures that would enhance the relationship between the sector and Government, arguing that both would suffer if the voice of the voluntary sector was confined.

Replicating Successful Voluntary Sector Projects

Why don’t successful voluntary sector projects spread more widely? In seeking to answer this question, this report by Diana Leat is based on a literature review, case studies and interviews with funders. It concludes with a series of recommendations. It outlines seven stages in the process of replication. Published by the Association of Charitable Foundations with funding from the Baring Foundation, Community Fund, The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund and the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation.

Leading the Way to ICT Success

Report by Paul Ticher and Aba Maison of lasa and Martin Jones of AdviceNow.
Most senior managers and board members are not ICT experts, so working out how best to use technology is something of a journey into the unknown. Nevertheless there are those who negotiate this journey successfully. This study aims to identify what we can learn from seeing how some voluntary organisations are reaching their desired ICT destinations. The report argues that senior managers who are well-informed and confident about their ICT strategy are the key to success. These managers do not have to be experts but they do need access to reliable advice in non-technical language. The report makes recommendations on how senior managers, board members, umbrella bodies, funders and other agencies can support and develop the leadership that voluntary and community organisations need to take advantage of the opportunities that ICT offers.

This report is funded by the Baring Foundation and the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists.

Capacity building and its challenges

A review of the Baring Foundation’s International Grants Programme 1997-1999 (2001)  by Dr John Twigg.
This review examines the nature and achievements of projects funded by the Baring Foundation’s international programme between 1997 and 1999, to assess their impact, and to consider lessons for future capacity-building initiatives.