The links between climate change and the charitable purposes of non-environmental organisations

Report of a roundtable meeting on the links between climate change and the charitable purposes of non-environmental organisations.

Report on Conference at Wilton Park

This report is a follow-up to the 2007 report Going Global
The Baring Foundation and the Nuffield Foundation part-funded in April a major conference at Wilton Park, the residential centre for the Foreign Office. The Partnerships for Development Forum brought together development experts, NGOs and foundations from the UK and abroad to look at the contribution private funding can make.


Arts and Refugees; History, Impact and Future

Along with two other funders, the Arts Council England, London and the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, the Baring Foundation commissioned Hybrid Consultancy to look at work over the last fifteen years across the UK to involve refugees and asylum seekers in the arts. The researchers identified over 200 arts organisations working with refugees across all media. The report was launched at the Baring Foundation on 20th May.
Hard copies are available free of charge from the Baring Foundation’s office.


Strengthening the Hands of Those Who Do: A Review of the Baring Foundation’s Strengthening the Voluntary Sector Programme Project Grants

Report by Margaret Bolton.
This programme ran between 1996 – 2005 and gave out hundreds of grants for organisational development worth up to £30k with an average value of £8k. This review looks at the impact of these grants on a random sample of 50 organisations.


Interculturalism: Theory and Policy

Report by Malcolm James.
The Baring Foundation has decided to launch a Special Initiative on Interculturality – but what is ‘interculturality’ anyway? To help analyse the thinking behind what for many people is a new concept, we have commissioned this paper.

Climate Change

Notes of a Core Costs Club Meeting. In October 2007 our Core Costs Club met and discussed the topic of climate change and the third sector.

Same Difference?

Revolving Doors Agency’s approach to replicating innovation. For some time the Baring Foundation has had an interest in how good ideas in the voluntary sector are spread. In 2003 we part funded Diana Leat’s report  Replicating successful voluntary sector projects. This paper is a case study by Revolving Doors Agency arising in part from work funded by the Foundation. It sets out seven lessons from their experience in a clear way and with relevance to many other charities


Going Global: A review of international development funding by UK trusts and foundations

Report by Lucy de Las Casas and Caroline Fiennes of New Philanthropy Capital. This report was commissioned by three funders of international development: the Nuffield Foundation, Paul Hamlyn Foundation and ourselves. It places trust funding within the broader context of government and individual donations. Trusts are a significant funder of civil society and highly valued by International NGOs. Indeed many small and medium sized INGOs rely on foundations for support. The researchers concentrated on somewhat smaller foundations and asked what motivates them or discourages them from funding internationally.

The Baring and John Ellerman Foundations International Development Programme Review 2006/2007 – Review Report

Report by Trish Silkin. In late 2006 Trish Silkin was commissioned to review the joint international development programme run with the John Ellerman Foundation. Her recommendations were accepted by both Foundations.

STVS – independence grants programme – a summary

This is a short summary of the STVS – independence grants programme setting out why the Foundation is interested in this issue and sharing results of the research carried out so far.