Strengthening the Voluntary Sector Bulletins

The bulletins below reflect some of the early learning from grants made under the Baring Foundation’s Strengthening the Voluntary Sector programme in 2012/13. This work aims to support transitional activities that will put the social welfare legal advice sector on a more sustainable footing and thus help it traverse some difficult years ahead. The programme is being run in conjunction with Comic Relief and Unbound Philanthropy.

Bulletin 1 Early Action and Advice by Liam Orton

Bulletin 2 Collaboration with non-legal advice agencies by Liam Orton

Bulletin 3 Pro Bono in Practice by Helen Rogers

Bulletin 4 Involving volunteers by Emma Makarova

Bulletin 5 Charging for advice by David Gilmore

The bulletins capture some of the key issues have been identified by grantees in the few months since their funded projects have got underway. Each one pulls together a mixture of common lessons and challenges facing specialist legal advice agencies, in the hope of providing pointers for other sector leaders planning their own transition towards sustainability.

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